About AiroCorp

We’re building the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Operating System

We are an artificial Intelligence startup passionate about making your life easier and more efficient through:


Artificial Intelligence

Our system is your companion, with the ability to perform tasks FOR you rather than being a mere utility to perform work.


Machine Learning

Our system will learn from you, the user, which will help it grow and evolve over time – enhancing its own knowledge and unique personality


Natural Language Processing

Interact with our system the same way you interact with other people – through voice and gestures.


Home Automation

Make your life easier. Control your home and surroundings.

Our dream

We are changing the way the world interacts with technology. We believe in a future where life is simpler - where computers are our companions that perform tasks for us, rather than a utility to work on.

Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creativity, skills, thoughts, and ideas together in order to build the technology of the future.


First Intelligent Operating System (FiOS) is a personalized operating system equipped with artificial intelligence that learns from your habits and behaviors, performs tasks for you, and helps you automate your home - all in an effort to simplify your life.


FiOS will be effortless; it relies on its AI core and machine learning capabilities to give you the best computing experience ever.


It’s not just a tool; it’s your companion. It has its own personality, which grows with time and eventually will start to understand you.


Designed to integrate with AiroCorp home automation systems. FiOS marks the first step towards the future of home automation and the Internet of things.

Our Strategy How it works


We believe our work speaks for itself. Check out where we’ve been recently featured.

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