This document describes the FIOS operating system in great details. FIOS is the product of combining many of the current age technical methods like artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, combined into a single minimalistic user interface and delivered as an operating system. FIOS is designed to be different from all other available solutions in the market. There are many key details that make it distinct.

This document will cover need of FIOS and the reason behind developing it. The core question about any new product or technology is “what problem this solution addresses to?" In the first section we will try to answer the very core questions about the FIOS. Operating system market is massive and available options and market leaders are providing cutting edge technological advantages with each of their solution. In the first section we will discuss the market of the operating system and also focus on FIOS's role in changing this market.

Next section will provide a deep and thorough detail about what are we planning to roll out with FIOS. One point at a time, we will discuss all the major advantages we are providing over any other operating system.

Remaining of this document focus on the future plans of FIOS, inclusion of hardware and automation systems. Physical systems that are designed specifically keeping FIOS in mind is on our plan after the first version rolls out. With all this details in hand let's start exploring FIOS.

FIOS - Strategy

FIOS is an operating system that is being designed for automation, entertainment and all the other usage. It's designed to provide easy, automated access to the entire task. There are many things, which makes FIOS different from any other operating system in the market among which following are the top:

  1. Unification.

  2. Automation.

  3. Integration.

  4. Learning.

  5. Interaction

  1. Unification

FIOS provides an new kind of user interface which combines all the different components of a system and provide a single, neat and usable console (screen) which can be used to access all resources (online and offline) directly from there. This gives user time to do the actual work/task rather than spending time in navigating through pages, settings and make the system tweaks.

  1. Automation

FIOS is automated operating system; it is designed to accomplish tasks for you. The file system, browser, navigation and every other component of this OS is smart and can help you automate your daily tasks. Automation at lower level was previous level was seen in browser with facilities like auto-fill and autocorrect. But FIOS will take it to the next step and provide many of such options all around the operating environment.

  1. Integration

FIOS is designed with only one goal in mind that is “automating human life". But to achieve this goal we need to create an environment of many things consisting of various hardware units, which can communicate to FIOS system, and many software units, which can provide the interface for FIOS system on any other platform. FIOS is a server at its core and is capable of providing access methods for much kind of incoming connections. In short, FIOS has a built in support for integrating many device and software at its core. It will support a wide array of hardware and software connecting to it for access of information. FIOS treats the external connections as a part of its own system and thus provide great power and control over existing system.

  1. Learning

FIOS is designed to learn from the previous usage and patterns. It's like micro data mining. Logs are created of usage patterns and this data is used to find, categorize and mine user interests, schedules, likes and dislikes and many more. This learning system works all the time in background and will make suggestion, modification and behavioral changes in the OS. It will work so effectively that after a period of experience, each installation of FIOS will become an independent machine with its own set of knowledge and expertise, which directly belongs to its owner's choices and hobbies. This is the top level of personalization and learning activities.

  1. Interaction

Apart of the standard input methods (keyboard and mouse) FIOS is capable of handling many other kind of input natively. Voice is one of the best examples. Most part of the FIOS can be controlled using the voice. By voice we don't mean the voice commands, instead you can communicate with FIOS like a human and it will respond in natural language. It's your computer talking to you. So instead of using your computer for accomplishing a task, you can simply tell your computer to do the task, simple as that!!!

Other than voice, users will be able to user gestures, cellphones and even previous usage history, as an input to the FIOS system and it will provide you with the best solutions. In case any of the new method falls short, the standard keyboard and mouse (and touch-screens) are always there and everything can still be accomplished by using standard input devices.

The Future

The information clearly states that FIOS is the OS of the future, but it's just the beginning. We have very ambitious plans for the future of FIOS, which includes our own hardware and support for many of the upcoming technologies, which are in the process of research, and development at this point of time. Following list provides a sneak peek in the future of FIOS:

  1. Internet of things: here at FIOSCorp, we keep an eye on all the researches going on in various locations in the world and we think that internet of things is the next best thing we can add to the FIOS system. It will make everything in your daily house (your toaster, light bulb and even your desk) connected to the FIOS system and thus it can be controlled using the FIOS system. All the intelligence and learning capabilities of FIOS will be than reflected in each and every connected component in your home.

  1. Our Own Hardware: automation can't be done using software only. It requires the sensors to capture data from the environment and it requires agents to perform actions and make changes in the environment. We are planning on a small series of hardware that can work as both sensor and agents. In series of this we will also be working on some new hardware specific to FIOS only like this prototype wristwatch, which can be used to control FIOS and thus basically do everything in your house.

  1. FIOS in cloud: This ambitious plan provides a small version of FIOS to be located in cloud for you. It can provide all the facilities without any installation of physical machine. Just sign up and start automating. It will be a big step in automating everything process of ours.