It will take approximately 12-18 months to develop the Operating System. We are completely bootstrapped as of now.

All the current kernels are designed to handle a simple system with limited hardware. With our system we are willing to change this from scratch. It will allow the interaction with different hardware’s and will be able to process multiple kinds of signals, allowing the AI to control things. The current kernels are not designed to handle such operations. A new kernel is also required to redefine the centralization of all devices around the users and allowing our AI engine to control all the low level aspects of our OS. We need full control over hardware resources of a system, which is not possible with any existing OS running as a platform.

An OS is a platform, which allows all other applications to run on a system. Our OS works the same way. Applications are restrictive and depend on OS on which they are running on for resource allocation and permissions to access information. Making a proprietary OS is the only way to combine all our features like AI, NLP, Learning capabilities and centralization into the DNA of the system, which an application just plainly cannot accomplish.

Mobile devices are everywhere. But to process the voice, analyze it with NLP and then communicate with all the automation devices is a very heavy process, which never stops. We will develop application for mobile platforms, which will allow the users to access the services of our system using their mobile devices, but the actual system will reside in a physical machine (Laptop/Desktop).

It’s a life automation system. It thinks and learns about the user’s surroundings, habits and usage patterns and adapts itself according to the needs of each individual user. This makes our system able to handle all kinds of technology related tasks on its own so that users can focus on more important things around them. The system will be able to perform tasks, without interrupting the user about it. It will be able to make decisions and provide assistance in various kinds of day-to-day tasks.

First: If a user wants to write an article on economical study over the last 10 years, instead of doing all the work from scratch and wasting time on research, all the user needs to do is tell the system to “Get me the economical news of the last 10 years”. Our system will surf through the Internet and find all relevant information and combine them in a presentable format. Now user can just tell our system to make minor adjustments in it and do other searches like “find me a good template for this file” or “play some music”, etc. While doing this, the user need not to worry about anything such as the security, power management or their work schedule as everything is being monitored simultaneously by our system in real-time.

Second: Assuming that a medical professional is using our system, and he/she uses the system regularly for their work related tasks. Over the period of time, our system will understand this by the frequency of usage. It will begin to do background researches on the key topics and will create a local knowledge repository, which will include latest news from local areas related to the profession, international events, resources and news about the same field from around the world. Soon it will become an expert companion for its user which can help him enhance not only his personal but professional life as well by taking the work off his shoulders and automate things around him.

First, current home automation systems are distributed in nature while our system will centralize everything. All current automation systems are not automatic, users have to interact with them regularly to make them function properly. Our system incorporates AI and learning abilities in it. It has a minimalistic interface and with its learning capabilities, after a decent amount of usage, users will never have to use that interface again.